The Job That Never Starts Is Starting!!

Happy Saturday, y’all!  Well I finally got the news.  The contract is signed and I have an official, set in stone, start date for my job of this coming Tuesday.  Le Sigh . . . I guess I’m relieved because I’ve been having every flavor of financial stress, worrying about losing my humble home, envisioning myself homeless and living in my car, trying out suicide plans, super fun stuff!!  It’s been, shall we say, crazy making?!  But as you know, I have very mixed feelings about working a full-time job after not doing it for almost four years.  I have a very great fear that I won’t be able to do it, stamina-wise, or that I won’t be able to do it, brains-wise.  Ah, fear.  You bitch.  Here is another chance for me to feel the fear and do it anyway.  Isn’t it something how life gives us these chances to rise above?  I’d rather not, I’d rather stay in my cocoon of safe existence, but life has other plans for me apparently.  So, three more days of relative calm, and then KA-BOOM!  I’m off to work.

Hope everyone had a good week, hope your drugs are working, hope you are working if that is in your best interests, and I hope the sky is blue where you are.  Let me know how you are in the comments, will ya?  Peach out!

15 thoughts on “The Job That Never Starts Is Starting!!

  1. Hallefreakinglujah! Great news about the job. I know you can handle it, and do it well, and can be happy-ish, fear-freeish and content your employer. I pray that your coworkers and bosses will be patient, kind and understanding and not wear really smelly perfumes or colognes! Stay stable on your meds, keep well hydrated, protein load and face your fears like a Wonder Woman! If you’ve not seen the new movie, it’s now at Redbox, and is great!

    As for me, I’ve been on a very low dose of oral steroids for about a month, which kinda throws me towards the manic side, and my husband wishes I would just be able to STFU! My therapist thinks I’m fine, and we have a plan to end our 13-year relationship after my husband and I get back from our Israel trip at the end of December.

      • Hi back!
        Yes, both my therapist and my husband agree with me that this therapeutic relationship has reached its natural end.

        The trip to Israel is a go, pending the hubby’s cardio appointment on 11/6. Last Monday he turned out to have a mild to moderate case of phlebitis. So we’re doing all the things the doc instructed.

        He’s also been on an injection every 3 weeks of testosterone replacement for about 4 years. In 2016, during a routine EKG, his PCP said uh oh, it looks like he’s had a silent heart attack attack from the testosterone levels staying too high, which in turned made his hemoglobin go so high, he had to have a phlebotomist at the local hospital draw off a pint of blood. The first time, they couldn’t get any blood flow with the largest needle on a syringe, so they changed a needle like the size you might with a large animal vet, stuck that is attached to a large diameter rubber hose into a quart size glass bottle, and the thickness and sludginess was visible to the eye which of course scared the living crap out of me! Him, well, he’s kinda denier of medical things of any type. The 2nd time went much better. Now, he can elect to have a pint of blood drawn out, just in case, due to his hemoglobin still being at the high normal level.

        To get to the point, in November of 2016 he had the whole cardio workup done, we were told that the most posterior artery in his heart was 80-100% occluded. Cardio doc says, go home and take a low dose aspirin everyday and come back in a year.

        He had lost weight, has good blood pressure and excellent cholesterol levels and is completely asymptomptatic. A retired nurse friend tells us wow! That artery usually sends out new vascular tubes and the blood flow becomes okay again, as it is now happily getting through those new arteries.

        Not sure what kind of tests he’ll have done this time but, obviously if the cardio doc says no way you can fly that distance to and from, which totals up to between 18-21 hours including layovers, we grind to a halt for right now.

        So, if you would pray to whomever to pray to, please keep us in mind. If you’re not a praying type, please send good thoughts our way as often as you can.

        Short question, loooooonnngg reply!


      • Wow!! Well I am still praying for you every day faithfully, I will add your husband to my prayers too. It is to St. Jude, patron saint of impossible causes. I know that sounds funny, but St. Jude is kind of my patron saint. I am a lapsed Catholic but I still get into the saint ju-ju.

      • Thank you so very much. Raised haphazardly Catholic, Jewish ancestry on both maternal and paternal sides, currently attending a United Church of Christ open and affirming to everyone, LGBTQ, any denomination or no denomination, any ethnicity, cultural or social identifiers, mentally ill or and kind of disability with a male senior pastor and a female associate pastor! Love and hugs! ☮️💜😸🙏🏼🇦🇷🌻

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased for you…upside of waiting so long is you’re fear of working now knows the full strength of your fear of being broke… you will be able to do it… you’ll freak now and then but you;re a grown up, and this shit is just code..the answer is always somewhere… :)) and at least if you bomb there will be another pay packet coming in :))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Well HOT DAYUM STAN! That is excellent news! I got siked out on a job. Hey we want to hire you. Sign this disclosure agreement. Um… nevermind all the positions are filled. So, I’m back on the hunt. If all goes well I’ll have a new car come Monday. We are going to go look at em and pick out what I want. I’m kind of nervous making a business deal on a Monday. Just seems like a bad day to close a deal, because Mondays are always shitty. But back to you! So glad they finally got their shit together and you have a job! You will have to post about what you think of it and how you are doing.

  4. Thinking of you, sweetness.
    And I will think of you LOTS come Tuesday! I’ll be sending out hourly prayers to those infamous Unknown Angels on your behalf, all 144,000 of them. (!)
    I know it will be a big change, but I also know you will be fantastic!
    Please let us know how it goes, eh? And remember all your fans are rooting for you!!!!!!!!!


    • Thank you so much for your prayers to the unknown angels!!! I appreciate it more than you know. I am just home from my last day being the maid, the reality is setting in. CALGON TAKE ME AWAYYYYYY!!!

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