The First Week Of Work

Well the Job That Never Starts actually started.  I have to say, I’m underwhelmed.  I spent four days doing absolutely nothing, basically.  My suspicion that this company didn’t have their shit together, evidenced by their inability to get the contract signed, has proven to be correct.  They are wildly understaffed, and morale is low.  The first day, there was no userid for me, so I couldn’t sign in to my pc.  So, I sat at my desk, looking at my phone and feeling useless.  I went to two meetings at the end of the day.

The second day, finally there was a userid, but then no password.  So there was a whole process to get the password reset.  Finally, signed in!  My boss spent about two hours with me, showing me some sites and documents I should become familiar with.  He told me to spend the rest of the day studying those sites and documents.  That is basically what I did for the rest of the week.  No more time spent with the boss.

I’m curious how many people with Bipolar also have Misophonia, or basically a strong sensitivity to sound.  I have some degree of it.  My sister, who is not Bipolar, has it to a much greater degree than me so anyway I know it runs in our family.  In the cubicle land where I sit (I hate cubicle land), there is a guy who is very loud and never shuts up.  Over the course of the week he got on my nerves more and more, and by Friday I could feel myself going into a rage.  Trying to put a lid on the rage and keep myself under control, I took 1/2 a Xanax.  I also chewed lots of gum, both Nicorette and regular gum.  And I sat with my hands over my ears, reading the information on my monitor.  There is also a person out there in cubicle land who coughs up a lung and sounds like they have whooping cough, this both gets on my nerves and makes me nervous.  I can’t afford to get sick, with no sick leave as a contractor.  So as you can see my anxiety levels got pretty high.

By Friday I was ready, more than ready, for the week to be over.  The only things that saved me were 1) My long mornings – I must have a couple of hours in the mornings for “me” time to recharge my batteries.  People think I’m crazy for getting up at 4am, but I get in a crazy bad mood if I don’t get my long morning. 2) I would sit there doing nothing (or next to nothing) and count up how much money I was earning, before taxes I almost earned enough to pay a month’s rent!  So YEAH!!

I’m sure it will be easier once I know what I’m doing and can just do it.  I know this company is kind of a sinking ship, but I am going to focus on learning as much as I can and then finding another job.  It is just a three-month contract and I won’t count on them renewing it (because again they don’t have their shit together duh).  But I’m working in Information Security!!!  Not Desktop Support!!!  So this is a WIN!!!!!  I have to remember that.

Hope you all had a great week, and that you’re enjoying your weekend.  Please let me know how you are in the Comments.  Peach out!!

13 thoughts on “The First Week Of Work

  1. I sometimes wear BOSE noise canceling headphones to drown out cubicle land. I find it very helpful and when I know I can just focus on work I listen to music w my phone. It saved me when I went from an office to a sea of cubicles. Congratulations on your WIN!!!!

  2. I hate it when I have nothing to do at work. One job I had in the CAD department of a large automaker was feast or famine. We’d work ourselves to death with hours of unpaid overtime, then we’d have an equal amount of time where there was *nothing* to do. We were told to look busy in case someone important came by. That’s when I combined my love of programming with my job, I started writing design automation software that interfaced with our three CAD systems. Not only did I combine interest, but it improved my coding massively. When I moved into a Unix sysadmin position, I wrote a lot of automation software as well.

    Perhaps you could find something sorta work-related to stay busy?

    As far as the loud guy, Dilbert has something to say about him:

  3. Well, crap on a monitor shaped cracker. Holy crap on the loud dude and wtf to the lung cougher-upper! Got your flu shot yet? If not, get it now! Don’t use the Purell, it really doesn’t help. Keep a bar of notice smelling soap in a ziplock and use it on your hands in the restroom. Have Lysol wipes on hand for surface. Oy! Now, chill out and keep breathing and go back on Monday stronger and giving less fucks. Finiś

  4. I’m sitting here drinking Pepto Bismol cocktails but wanted to stop by, say hi and send virtual hugs, my sweet friend! That would be really great if you could wear headphones to drown out the talker & the cougher – please find out if you can do that!!!! Much love! xoxox

  5. Can you wear headphones? Glad you are finally making some moola, even if they don’t have their shit together. Hope it improves this week. I also need morning time. At least 2 hours. I get up at 6 during the week, even though I don’t have to wake up until 7 technically. It gives me time to have my coffee and wake up. I’ve had a rollercoaster of a week, BUT I GOT A CAR FINALLY!!!! Sweet ride too. I love it.

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