This Job Is Causing Wild Anxiety!

Well, I have a job, but I’m not doing shit!  Literally, they do not give me anything to do.  I sit in my chair and spin.  It’s the most anxiety-provoking thing, like, how long are they going to give me a paycheck for doing nothing???  And why in the hell did they hire me in the first place??  Supposedly they’re wildly understaffed and way behind on projects, but somehow the work is not cascading down to me.  Do they think I can’t do it?  If so why am I there?  Do they think I am a princess?  I don’t know.  It is baffling.  I can’t write anymore.  I have to go to bed so I can get up and do all this bullshit again.  I might go crazy.  HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

10 thoughts on “This Job Is Causing Wild Anxiety!

  1. Especially if your position is new or hasn’t been filled in some time, people who operate with their hair on fire because they’re overwhelmed tend to not have the time to take a breather and figure out how to shuttle some of the work down to the new person. Or if they do think about it, they think at this moment there is no time, and tomorrow they’ll get around to changing the system dynamics of the work flow.

  2. This is horrible. I’m so sorry, my friend. Please keep us posted – I know it’s awful to write about this, but we are on your side!!!!! You deserve to have a job where you aren’t feeling wildly anxious; you deserve 1000% better. I’ll keep the prayers going – I told them to help you out IMMEDIATELY so I need to have a little conversation with those Unknown Angels because they ain’t doin’ their job! 😉 XOXXOOXOOXOXOX

  3. My last job gave me great anxiety. Not because I didn’t do anything, but because they always expected you to do more. Like I was throwing up and they wanted me to stop and get on the phone. My grandma passed and I took a bathroom break to go cry and they wanted me to stop and get on the phone. It was such a toxic environment that I wanted to just get out. So when they fired me… I was

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