Trust The Process

I am sitting in front of my therapy light, looking out the window at the somewhat gloomy day and wondering how I’m going to get through this winter, this jobless spell, this life in general.  This may be the depression talking, but I seem to have the same struggles over & over.  Maybe that’s the human condition.  Dammit I would like to rise above certain things for once and for all.  Maybe that’s just not possible with Bipolar Disorder.  Maybe I have to be patient with myself and not judge my struggles.

I called this post “Trust The Process” because I know there are things I need to do when I am depressed.  Sitting in front of this therapy light is one of them.  Getting exercise is another.  Making connections with people who care about me is essential, no matter how bad I want to isolate myself.  Making appointments with my doctor and my therapist are an absolute requirement.  Staying off drugs (pot) and alcohol is essential.  This is the process.  I don’t have to love it.  I just have to do it.

Now that I’ve written it down for all to see, I’m accountable to more than just me.  I’m accountable to you.  Expect to see more posts from me with reports of positive action.

Please share with me your thoughts, coping skills, and news of your life.  Thank you for being a part of my life!!!  Peaches!

18 thoughts on “Trust The Process

  1. It can be so hard to get things done when depressions is rearing it’s ugly head. I will be praying for you! I suffer from depression and bipolar disorder as well.

  2. Yes! The human condition! Great way to put it. I have become more patient. I stopped over thinking stuff and tell the bad thoughts to kiss off. I’m tired of negative thoughts. Completely tired of them. I will win this battle for my mind. So far so good. I take life one moment at a time.

  3. Been battling with a touch of the depression bug myself. Forced myself this morning to go drop off artwork at a gallery for a show next week. Will force myself to go to work tonight despite being antsy about heading into work as the sun goes down which is a break from my regular schedule, and hence gives me anxiety. After it’s over I’m relieved, so I trust the process, but getting there can sometimes be a bitch. Stick with it, with your stick with it-ness.

  4. Yes, I am with you. Managing our chronic condition is so tough. But necessary to have a shot at a normal even amazing life. Checking in with drs. therapists, taking meds, some exercise, and definitely communicating so things don’t build up is essential. I wonder too how I might rise above cyclical feelings of hopelessness and despair, but using the tools works. And then days come that are lighter and brighter.

  5. Following a routine and having passion and purpose is essential to managing the symptoms. It also helps to have someone to talk with who understands. My brother also is Bipolar so we often reach out to each other to keep things real.

  6. This is a great post. So many gems…trust the process, jobless spell, I don’t have to love it just do it. I had to quit my job this week and needed to read this. For me structure and routine is essential. Otherwise I just stay In bed longer and longer. I so admire your resilience!

    • Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. This is why I love blogging so much. All of us together, helping each other!!! This is what it’s all about. Thank you again and good luck to you with your depression too ❤ ❤

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