Sometimes Advocating For Yourself Feels Like Shit

If you follow my blog your probably know that I’m back on the job market.  It’s only been a week since I left my job, but there are not oodles of jobs out there that I am qualified for, and I’m a bit nervous about how long I may be looking.  Actually, I’m more than a bit nervous.  I don’t have a lot of money saved up, and this may take awhile.  So, I took a giant bite of humble pie and I applied for Food Stamps.  I want to cringe with shame even saying it.  But really this is what Food Assistance is for, is to see people through a lean stretch of time.  If I can get some help with food expenses, why not do it?  I need to conserve every dollar I can.  I need to be a sensible adult here.  I mean, I hope I get a job quickly, but realistically, I need to take care of myself and be frugal.

I also signed up for a resume workshop with my local Workforce Center for next week.  I think I need professional help with my resume, especially since I’m trying to break in to a new area of IT.  I’m hoping they can help me refocus my resume and give me feedback to make it more polished and to have a better shot at getting that first call from recruiters – which may lead to an interview.

Finally, I called Cigna today and asked them where the hell my insurance ID card was, so I can make some appointments with Dr. Drugs and my therapist.  They’re waiting on my payment, which I just paid because I just got the damn bill.  This is the insurance I signed up for in November, mind you.  Cigna, get your shit together!!  So I have a week or two until I can make appointments with Dr. Drugs and my therapist.

All in all I’d say it’s been a very low-fun day but I have done some good shit!  I also got my light therapy and my walk in, even though it was gloomy and I sure didn’t want to walk.  I just treated it like a prescription that I had to take.  Bleh!

Hope you all are having a glorious Monday!

7 thoughts on “Sometimes Advocating For Yourself Feels Like Shit

  1. There is definitely nothing wrong with asking for a little help. I’m currently unemployed as well due to health reasons. It was a struggle to ask for help but that’s what it’s there for! 🙂 I’ll be praying you find a job soon!

  2. I just finished sending a polite but lengthy email to the billing person at my dr. Office. My dr. doesn’t accept insurance and so I have to pay out of pocket and then get paid back from my insurance.

    Anyway I’ve been going through a very rare (for me) manic spell and focusing on anything is really really hard. I had to explain how I wasnt trying to be difficult or evasive but seemly easy tasks can be very trying.

    At first I wasnt going to say anything. And then I was going to say something nasty. But I settled on educating this person on what its like.

    Hang in there. The struggle is real but y ou’ve made it this far. The BP crowd is right here with you!

  3. I hope you get the help you need, I know it is hard sometimes to admit you need it in the first place, but it is better than starving! I hope the job search goes well. I am bipolar too (type 2) and can relate.

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