Mommy’s Coming To Visit And The Apartment is CLEAN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a minor miracle has occurred!  I have cleaned my apartment!!!!  It has been over four months (gag, cough) since I cleaned this dustbowl!!  But there’s nothing like an impending visit from your Mother to get your shit together in a hurry!!  She had mentioned in passing that she might come by today to see the birds, but then she didn’t say anything else . . . until LAST NIGHT!!!  She texted me, and I was like Holy God, I am going to have to go into cray-cray mode to get this place clean, but by God, I DID IT!!!  The toilet is scrubbed, as are the sinks and counters, the mirrors are gleaming, all of the surfaces have been washed clean of dust, the rugs vacuumed and the floors washed.  Fuck, I even made the bed!!!  Andddd I have a broken fibro back to prove it!  But godDAMN it feels good to have a clean house!!!!!!!  I need to have a visitor at least once a month so that I do this shit, because I think it’s good for my mental health!!

In other, not so satisfying news, I did NOT get the job that I interviewed for last week.  I have had a couple of down, panicked days.  I have other irons in the fire, but no other interviews scheduled.  This job search has been really a challenge to my mental health, let me tell you.  I have had to contend with some suicidal ideation and finally yesterday I just said LOOK!  You are going to LIVE!  You are going to live through this somehow!!  Because you can’t commit suicide and hurt your loved ones like that!!  So I have decided to live, no matter how hard and sucky and painful.

After Mom leaves I will get back to the job search hot and heavy.  I think I need to apply for more jobs in Denver, even though that commute would be a huge hardship.  There just aren’t enough jobs in my area to apply for.  Also I will be going to the Workforce Center Monday morning for counseling to see if they have any ideas as far as Internships in Security.  It’s worth a try.

Well my friends I hope your week is progressing well.  Say “Hi” in the Comments if the spirit moves you, you know I love to hear from you.  Peach out for now, BPOF!

18 thoughts on “Mommy’s Coming To Visit And The Apartment is CLEAN!

  1. Ha! An impending guest is the ONLY thing that gets me to dust! I so appreciate your honesty and self declaration to keep going! The ideation has hit me in the last week as well. You are doing the work. Something is going to come your way..I just know it!

  2. I need visitors more often. I’ve been so caught up in writing that my house is a disaster. It does feel great when it’s all clean though. Now just to muster up the energy. The backpain from cleaning floors is what I dread the most.

  3. For me, there are different types of clean. There’s the daily clean, which is just keeping dirty dishes and dirty laundry under control. There’s the weekly stuff I do, like floors and bathroom. Then there’s guest clean, which is a bit more involved than a weekly. Then there’s mom clean, where the whole place can pass the white glove test, because mom is OCD about house cleaning. Good job getting your place “mom clean”😊
    (((hugs))) on the job situation. I know how demoralizing it can be

  4. Good for you for cleaning the house. I bet that helps free up the energy and it may even improve the job situation through fengshui woowoo or maybe just by giving you confidence. Enjoy!

  5. Well done cleaning your apartment for your mother’s visit. You must live. Fight suicidal ideation. Depression lies. Think about seeing your mental health professional if the suicidal thoughts overwhelm you. Sending you healing hugs.

  6. HI! I’ll be a cleaning freak here in a couple weeks. My Father In Law will be taking care of this kids and house and animals while we are gone to Hawaii for 9 days. For me, In Law clean is cleaner than mom clean. Mom doesn’t expect much. After 18 years, I feel I must still try to impress the in laws. So, the fibro back will kick in for me too. And I almost have to do it last minute, because if I do it now, it is just going to go to shambles before he gets here. You know, kids and all… HA! Something is going to pan out for you soon in the work world. I just know it. Keep looking and applying, someone will scoop you up!

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