Two Bipolar Chicks Accused Me Of Hacking Them And That’s Not Cool

Talk about shit coming out of nowhere!  This morning I was on Twitter and I was literally being spammed by Two Bipolar Chicks with some ad about every five tweets so I muted them.  I have no relationship with Two Bipolar Chicks and couldn’t give two shits about them – I don’t know them and I literally have no opinion about them.  So then this afternoon, I get a tweet that says “#WARNING & #RETWEET I am 99% sure @Bipolaronfire was the Twitter handle that hacked me.  DO NOT click on anything they send you!!! #Hacking”  WELL, Two Bipolar Chicks, I can assure you, I did not SEND you ANYDAMNTHING and I sure as hell did not hack you!!!  I don’t know your level of technical skills, but I do know MINE, which are high, and I damn sure didn’t do anything to sabotage your Twitter account!  Throwing out accusations like that are not only lame, they are defamatory, and I won’t accept it!  I would NEVER try to sabotage someone’s Twitter account, their website, their email, or anything else.  I am totally insulted by this accusation and I demand an apology.

UPDATE:  @2BipolarChicks has apologized to me on Twitter.  I don’t know if they deleted the offending tweet but I am o.k. with an apology, actually I think it was good of them to apologize.  So yay!

9 thoughts on “Two Bipolar Chicks Accused Me Of Hacking Them And That’s Not Cool

  1. I’m good friends with Wendy K. Williamson of 2 Bipolar Chicks and I can’t believe she’d do something like that!!!!! That’s not like her!!!! She’s a good person – trust me, my friend, and you two have some great things in common (i.e. your humor, wisdom, fighting spirit and a lot more) – plllllllleeeeassse give Wendy a chance to explain and tell her “your close friend Dyane Harwood sent you!!!!!!!!” XOXOXOXOXXOX

  2. What the even?!?!?! I’d be pissed. Is this ONE person? Or literally two chicks with bipolar? I’d report them to twitter. I’m not well versed in twitter. Can you even do that?

  3. I am Nora of The Two BipolarChicks, and I was the one who sent that tweet. I did send you an apology on Twitter, but I will also explain myself in public on your blog. First, however, I will apologize for the tweet, as like someone said above, I had no idea what was going on. Allow me to explain: I had seen on my timeline a like from you which had nothing to do with me (which seemed very strange in itself) referencing to click on it and “view a profile”. I did and all went hog wild. I am sure now this was just bad timing on your part, so again I am sorry, but this unleashed some weird tweet being repeated on my timeline over and over. My password was also hijacked and I had to reset my password evey 5 miutes as I had no control of my Twitter account for most of the day. I am again sorry I jumped the gun and accused you. You have every right to be angry with me.

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