More Pain And Interviews Galore!

My, what a week it has been!  First off, let me say PRAISE THE LAWD that we are Springing Forward tonight!!!!!  I am such a light-dependent soul and having those long evenings just does me so much good!  So YEAH!!!!!  And now for some tidbits from my week . . .

I do firmly believe that I have a large rock lodged in my stomach.  The ultrasound said otherwise, in fact, the ultrasound said everything is normal.  Well, fuck the ultrasound because my stomach is still KILLING ME DEAD and I can barely eat and I’ve lost another three pounds because of it (yay) but no yay on the goddamn pain!  I almost missed one of my many interviews of the week due to being in pain, but it subsided just in time for me to answer the phone.  Tylenol in large doses seems to be the only thing that helps.  The doctor prescribed an Advil horse pill (800 mg) which HURTS MY STOMACH.  Are you seeing a theme here?

It’s hard to say how many interviews I have had in the last week.  For one job, a Desktop Support job that I really don’t want, the company is rated shit in Glassdoor, I’ve had three, and I have a fourth this coming Monday.  For another Desktop Support job that I might tolerate because it is close to me and I think it would be easier, I had one phone interview, and I’ll have an in-person interview next week.  I had a phone interview for a Security job (YAYYYYYY) this week and I’ll have a second, longer phone interview next week.  THAT job I am really interested in because I think it might be a work at home job which would be a DREAM!!!!!  Then there’s a fourth interview coming up for a Technical Support job for a Security company but that woman can’t get her shit together and get it scheduled.  So we’ll see.  I am hoping and praying and praying and hoping for the Security job.  If I have to take a Desktop Support job I’m going to be very upset.

The weather was beautiful this week, but I didn’t get to enjoy it because I was mostly laying on my bed holding my stomach.  Or taking a nap because I was up all night with a stomachache.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday but I might go to Urgent Care today.  I’m very worried that this damn stomach will make me miss an interview.

Somehow, my mood has help up through all this pain.  How?  I do not know.  I guess I’m on the right drugs.  I sincerely hope that you all had a better week than I did.  Please let me know, don’t be shy.  Just fill out that little Comment field below.  Have a GREAT weekend!!!  Peach out.

16 thoughts on “More Pain And Interviews Galore!

  1. I hope you get the security job! I’m rooting for you.
    Two years ago I was under a severe amount of stress and my anxiety transformed into a constant panic. My stomach started hurting every time I ate, and eventually hurt round the clock just like you’re describing. I saw multiple docs, had the ultrasound and the HIDA scan and lab work and none of it showed anything wrong. I was miserable and living under a hot pad and losing weight (yay). Then my brain decided to move the pain to my chest which led to all the heart tests which is a longer story but everything was fine in the end. Eventually my psych doctor boosted my meds and I made myself take more walks, and then it got better.
    I’ve learned my anxiety/ptsd likes to mess with my health, which means I can’t trust my body to be honest with me (if that makes sense). I’m glad you’re working with your doctors, and I hope like me your pain will ease when the stress and pressure lifts. You’ll get a job, I know it! Just gotta hang in there and keep fighting the good fight.

    • Thank you Kristy. I just can’t believe there’s not some physical cause for this pain. I don’t know maybe it IS just stress. I wonder if I took Xanax all the time if it would go away??? Kind of a bad idea for an experiment I know….thank you for rooting for me!!!!!

  2. Oh Lordy, you better get the work-at-home job!!!!! Rooting for you always.

    Worried about this g-damn stomach shit, cutie. Urgent Care has helped me MANY times when I was in agonizing pain, although the bills I got did not help me, it was all been worth it!!!!! Please go there – you can’t be in this pain any longer. I know it’s easy for me to write this, but if you need to ask the ‘rents for help with this, please………do NOT be ashamed!!!!!! Just do it!!!

    Love you and THANK GOD FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!

    • Oh Lordy, please let me get the Security job!!!!!! Thank you for rooting for me!!!

      I went to Urgent Care and got some new drugs for my tummy. The dr told me to go to the ER if the pain comes back really bad. He said to get a cat scan of my stomach. Hopefully that doesn’t have to happen. I will see the dr again on Wednesday.

      AND WE SPRUNG FORWARD!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If you’re in that much pain, I’d get in with a GU doc. Or, do you think a little weed might fix it.if you lean toward the weed, you need to se a GI doc. Keep me posted.

    Oh, and quit the NSAID. At that dose it will make your stomach hurt.

    • I can’t do the weed because I’m getting ready for job-related drug tests 😦 otherwise I’d be all over that shit. I am totally off the NSAID, it about killed me. Always love hearing from you Sue!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Hope you are well.

      • Job interviews are a good deterrent. And never stomach pain that bad. I was trying to think like me…if something’s really bad and I jump to weed, but before I do it I review my pain, think about my family medical history and my own, then I make the wiser decision.
        I’m glad you got checked out. A CT sounds overwhelming, expense wise, but follow through.
        Love and hugs

  4. So sorry to hear your stomach isn’t feeling better, hoping the md’s figure out what’s going on and fix it! And I hope you get the job you want and kudos for keeping your appointments despite the pain. Hugs dear Fire!

  5. I love the way you write. Seriously though, sod your stomachache, I have jawache from laughing!!!
    Seriously though, hope you’re better now 😊

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