I Got A Damn Job

I say “damn” job because a) It’s a Desktop Support job, and b) It’s a Contract job, and c) It’s wayyyyy far away in Downtown Denver so it will be about an hour and a half commute each way.  So it’s a mixed blessing.  I’ll be getting a paycheck (Yay!) but it’s going to be a rough, rough road until I can move closer in a couple of months when my lease is up here.

I still have another interview with another company for another Desktop Support job this week, this one is a fulltime permanent job, and it’s not as far away, so there’s still some hope that I won’t have to do the Downtown Denver job.  But I accepted that job, because a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, as they say….

I’m not terribly excited about the job because it’s a Desktop Support job and because the commute is probably going to kill me.  But I had to take it.  I am too broke to refuse the offer of a job.  Something positive about the job is that the people I interviewed with were very nice.

The only other saving grace is that it’s Spring, and that is helping my mood.  And I have Summer to look forward to.  So that’s something.  I hope I can keep losing weight even when I start my job.  I will have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to exercise, but that’s ok.  Losing weight has been very life-enhancing for me and I want to keep it up.  I didn’t lose any weight this week, but my body seems to lose pounds every other week.  I just need to keep tracking what I eat with LoseIt! and exercising.

Oh, something else super-positive that happened this week:  My brother in North Carolina sent me a check for five hundred bucks!!!!!  My siblings rock.  It feels so good to be supported and loved and it REALLY feels good to have less than zero in my checking account.  I am grateful.

Whelp, that’s about all the news from around here . . . what’s new with you?  Peach out, BPOF!

14 thoughts on “I Got A Damn Job

  1. Well, I’m damned glad you got a damn job. Believe me, I know those kind of jobs! It’s good to hear you being busy yet reasonable. Tip: audio books for the commute. Congrats on the exercise commitment, I need to do that too. Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Wow – that’s incredibly awesome about your brother’s thoughtfulness, my sweetness!!!!!!! Dang!

    I’m also super-proud of you for, um, GETTING A JOB (!!!!!!!!!!) even though it’s not the perfect job just yet. It seems that once you have a job, you’ll put out a woo woo energy that will attract other job offers such as the job you’re about to interview for – that is perfect timing! If that doesn’t work out, keep applying for jobs because you’ll still be full of the woo woo-ness. (That is a word…in my mind, anyway!) I know that between the 3+ round-trip commute time and the job itself, you’re going to have your hands full, but since spring is here, I hope you’ll have a little extra energy to keep applying! You are the Fiery One—you can do it!

    Also, I’m so happy you’re tracking with LoseIt!
    Keep trackingt and you’ll get to your goal – I know it!


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