Home Sweet Home!!!

porch flowers

Glory Hallelujah I am in my new home!!!  The last time I wrote a post, I was on the verge of moving, and now, the move is complete!  The new place is better than I could have imagined!!  It is so nice, and I am SO GRATEFUL for it!!  I really feel like I “put in my time” in my little shithole for the past year and a half, making it work and even being grateful for it, because it was my own home, however humble.  I had somewhat made peace with the dirt and the noise, because I wasn’t going to let it drive me crazy.  But now here I am in a super-beautiful, super-spacious apartment (I’m in my STUDY writing this post right now!), and I’m just so blown away at how much better life can get!!!  Just a month ago, I was wondering if I was going to have to move in with my Mom and Dad, which was a dismal consideration.  Don’t get me wrong, Mom and Dad are great, but at almost 52 years old, moving in with Mom and Dad, even for the best of reasons, would be a real letdown.  Plus, I love living alone!!  My home is my refuge!!  And this new home is a REAL refuge!!

I now have a new couch (woooo!) – the old place didn’t have room for a couch, and I have a coffee table, boxspring, headboard and nightstand on the way.  Right now my mattress is on the floor because my previous bed broke when I moved out of my sister’s house a year and a half ago.  It’s exciting to buy new stuff and a little anxiety-provoking at the same time.  Any time I do some major spending, I get afraid that I’m manic.  But this has all been planned out, and I’m not leaving myself high and dry financially.  I’m still on solid ground.  And, I know I’m done spending on furniture now.  I’ve ordered what I needed to complete the place, and I’m done.  I have to admit, I wish I could buy a little more.  There is a little high that comes with getting new stuff.

Aside from hurting my back last week from irresponsibly lugging around some huge desktop computers, the job is going well.  I remain very grateful for my job, and I believe that I’m doing a good job.  The stability of having a job and a steady paycheck is doing wonders for me.  Even though I questioned whether or not I could work full-time, and I do find it exhausting, the structure and social interaction is good for me.  And financially it’s very good for me.

I feel like practicing gratitude is a very important part of my life now.  I believe it has helped me get to where I’m at, and that it will keep me going in a positive direction.  I’m going to keep focusing on being grateful for everything and everyone in my life.  Including YOU, my dear readers!!

I hope you are all well.  Please check in with me in the Comments below, will ya?  I love hearing from you!  Have a Happy Sunday!  Love, BPOF

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!!!

  1. Congrats on the move and the new furniture. I know this was a long time coming, but you’re right. Moving back in with your parents at 52 was a dismal option. I bless you with support, grace and peace in all things.

    Things with John and I are difficult right now. The screaming arguments are happening again and neither of us know why. He needs a psych evaluation but we’re far too broke for that to even be a possibility. My summer job ends on 8/15, and following day is our 20th anniversary (and my 58th birthday) but due to finances there’s likely no real celebration going to happen. I’m In my pre-birthday depression, dealing with the constant feeling of foreboding.
    We’re going to need to move somewhere cheaper and smaller and soon. But we can’t afgird to move at the same time. I’m feeling anxious about the imminent loss of my SSDI, what with all the evil bastards in Washington and Kansas.

    Keep the faith, sister! Pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

    • Oh Sue I am so sorry that you and John are struggling!!! I will pour on the prayers. And I really hope and pray you don’t lose your SSDI!!!! Geez…a lot to deal with. You have weathered many a storm and you will get through this. I promise. I’m sending you a hug and my love and BIG PRAYERS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you! I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I will be thinking of you. Please keep me posted. I wonder if resolving the thyroid problems might help with the depression?? I’ve heard many a time that the two can be related. Anyhoo, I wish you well hon. Stay in touch and take good care ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Very encouraging and inspiring. I’m in a valley right now but I know things always change and better things are on the horizon if you focus on the positive. Sounds like you’ve got a great new place!

    • I’m sorry you’re in a valley right now. This illness sure is characterized by its peaks and valleys. That said, you can count on things improving! I am sending you good thoughts.

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