I’m Still Here

Howdy folks, writing this post on my phone, it’s going to be a shorty. I know I haven’t written for many weeks. I’ve just been very depleted and using any off time to try to recharge. Work has become overwhelming with the opening of a Tech Hub – a walk up counter service for our users which introduces a level of peopling that is excruciating for me. And I’m maintaining a facade of positivity because I need to in order to do the job and because the customers don’t deserve a shitty attitude. Also one co-worker got fired so our workload has gone up even more. So!! I’m super-overwhelmed.

Hope you are all well, I hope to write a post that is more neato-keen soon 😳. Love, BPOF

8 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. You’re amazing! I know what it’s like to work at a counter with people and put on that brave face – it’s HARD as hell! Sending you love and strength!!!! Thanks for checking in and remember it WILL get better. XOXOO

  2. hellooooooooooooo darling ! :))) I FEEL YOUR PAIN ! Excruciating levels of peopling is exhausting…I used to find it really hard and start going into meltdown 🙂 random speech patterns and slightly manic :))))
    . what can i say… just keep on trucking … it might just get better…and if not… we’ll figure something out.. so long as you have a pulse everything else is just detail 🙂 xxx

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