Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow such an original title I know! Well I have a lot to be grateful for. Life is really good. THANK GOD my Seasonal Affective Disorder hasn’t kicked in yet – maybe we’ll just skip it this year. Ah, it’s good to have a healthy fantasy life.

My job is going well and due to being understaffed and working overtime I’ve been making piles of money. Having “enough” makes me very grateful. Feeling secure makes me very grateful.

I continue to be very grateful for my beautiful apartment – living in that shithole did me a lot of good, believe it or not. I found things to be grateful for when I was there, and now that I’m gone from there I’m grateful every day for where I’m at now.

I don’t always love my job but I know I’m in the right place for me right now. I’ve worked really hard on having a good attitude, even with things that I thought were sucky, like our opening of a Tech Hub. I still don’t love it but I work really hard to be of service and make people feel welcomed when they come for help. Last week I got a reward for my work on helping with the opening of the Tech Hub, I got a letter of commendation and five hundred bucks!! That was a real shocker and wow was I grateful for that!!

Everything is not perfect by any means, I’ve been overspending in kind of an alarming way. I can afford it, but it’s still a bad sign. I have doubled my Abilify dose in an effort to calm myself down.

I hope you all are doing well and have things to be grateful for today. I send you all my heartfelt wishes for a happy day. Love, BPOF

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. I’m so glad your job is going so well (that’s wonderful you got that commendation & the $$$$!!!) and your apartment continues to rock.

    Doubly glad your S.A.D. is AWOL and I hope it stays that way.
    Always wanting the best for you….& I’m sending you lots of love! XOXOXOX Dy

  2. So good to hear from you! I’m guessing you have the lamp for SAD? If not, get thee to Amazon! And, yes, it’s nice not to scrabbling for quarters at the grocery store. I’ve been ‘between jobs’ since mid-August and am going back into in-home care. Sigh. I just want to retire and move to Colorado.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, surround yourself with gratitude and joy.

    • Oh yes Sue I am on my second SAD light, broke the first one. I will probably start using it proactively pretty soon here.

      I’m sorry about your work situation, I’d like for you to retire and move to Colorado too! Try to make that happen 😁. How is John?

      • John is good! Without him I’d never have clean clothes or dishes and the litter box would be out of control. He’s settled into retirement nicely. Saw his cardiologist on Tuesday and got the all thumbs up, told us we should have more sex!
        Today, we’re out a a friend of mine’s from high school, hanging out with about 25 people and a thousand kids. Turkey, ham and duck! Just finished a tiny brownie and a tiny piece of cherry crumble pie. I will be rolled to the car soon!
        Hope your day has been great.
        Here’s my new joke. What did the turkey say to the computer?

        Google, google, google!
        A nice IT joke.
        Be well. Talk to you soon 😽💜

  3. Glad to hear you’re bringing in the big bucks! I haven’t been reading blogs, or writing much recently. Thanks for reaching out on Twitter. I do go and check on my notifications there and on Facebook. Been more active on Facebook recently. Grieving my father’s death. Going to grief support group.

  4. Don’t know if you will get this… It’s been a while! I hope you are doing well. And somehow my follow to your blog became an unfollow? Don’t’ worry, I fixed that! I just wanted to check in with you and see how things were going with you. I always loved reading your writings. Hope to see you soon!

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