My Five Faves

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So…one of my fave bitches asked me to post five of my favorite bipolar blogs.  This is such a great idea, I’d like to ask ALL OF YOU to do the same, and post a link here in the comments to YOUR blog posting so we can go and look and see all kinds of new blogs that we’ve been missing!  I looooove reading the blogs but I do get in a rut of just going to the Reader and looking at blogs tagged “Bipolar”.  So creative and intuitive I know.  I’d love to compare lists!  Here are mine, in no particular order . . . oh by the way…Happy VD People!!!

Broken Light:  A Photo Collective (includes other mental illnesses, be flexible)

What’s Broken

Bipolar, Unemployed and Lost

my obvious little secret

Crazy Jay – The Ultimate Chameleon! “A spark of genius quenched in misery.” Unmedicated and Unrestrained!

P.S.  —  I just realized I’m trying to start a chain letter!  I totally bust myself!!!!!  Oh well let’s still do it!!  Ok ready set go!  First one there gets a tuna san!

What? You Say You Want To Send A Valentine To MOI?

Now I know you’ve all been worried about how you’re gonna get that valentine to me.  Yes, I know there’s only one more day.  You’re gonna have to Fed-Ex it.  Nothing fancy.  I DO like dark chocolate.  And diamonds.  Just the large, tasteful ones, you know, where you can look deeply into them and actually see the miners chipping away?  Just like that.  Nothing special, nothing too gaudy.  $100,000 or less ONLY!  Ok here’s my address:


444 4th St

Boulder, CO 44444-4444

Phone:  444 444 4444

Thanks in advance.  Oh.  I will get you next year.  Yeah.  I’m making something and it takes a REALLY long time.