At Last, A Home!!

Ever since last September I have been without a home. I haven’t been homeless in the classical sense, but at the end of August I moved out of my apartment, put everything in storage and prepared to spend the winter in Florida. From September 1 to October 31 and from April 1 to now, I’ve stayed with various family members (I had a micro-apartment during the winter in Florida which was perfect for me).

Finally, a change! My sister who I stayed with quite a bit (along with her two kids) in a town about 10 miles east of Boulder made a decision to sell her house and move to Boulder. If you know anything about Boulder, you know that real estate prices are CRAZY!!! Whether it’s renting or buying, you need a boatload of money to live in Boulder. Since the real estate market is really hot, my sister had no trouble selling her house, but she was having trouble finding a house in Boulder in her price range. She was looking for a place for just her and her kids. I proposed that she add me as her permanent roommate, and I’d kick in a chunk of money towards the mortgage, so that she could afford more house. And voila! She found a beautiful house. I think really that there was some Divine Intervention involved as well, because you would not believe the stories we heard of bidding wars, and people coming in with all cash offers on MILLION DOLLAR PROPERTIES!!!

So, here we are. For the first time in a year, I am sleeping in my own bed again, and I can’t even TELL you how good it feels!!!! I was asking myself before, “is it REALLY that comfortable, or am I just imagining it?” Well, it really IS that comfortable!! It is hard to get out of it.

The house has a finished basement that’s done really, really nicely with remote-controlled recessed lighting, berber carpet, a beautifully remodeled bathroom, a living room and a bedroom. And it’s MINE, all MINE!!! So in addition to my bed & dresser, I get to have my couch, chair, ottoman, desk, and, most importantly, MY TV!!! I am just so excited and happy to have my own space again. Have I told you how great it feels? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Being off the Clozaril is still doing me good. Of the 33 pounds I gained, so far I have lost 8. I think it’s all in my belly. Starting to lose the weight feels great. Dr. Drugs INSISTED that I start taking Abilify (my nemesis, see and I am having to taper off the Lithium, dammit, because it is causing me to have to pee pretty much constantly. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in one-hour increments.

I have all day today and tomorrow uninterrupted to unpack and create some order out of chaos in my new space, I am going to work my ass off and then maybe sleep all day on Monday, yay! Hope you all have a great last weekend of summer! (Sob). PEACH OUT!!

Abilify, WTF Again, I Say!

Great News!  It ain’t just moi who’s wondering what the HELL is up with Abilify and their funkier-than-fuck commercials!  It seems Kirstie Alley (Cheers, Dancing With the Stars, Fat Actress, that was a series I’m not making a judgment), has ripped Abilify a new one, and apart from some horrifying spelling, I think she has a point.  The whole cartooney way of advertising a major psychotropic drug to Americans is pretty warped, don’t you agree?