Best Bipolar Medications, Volume II

Here is a synopsis of what I have used, and how it has worked. I’m not saying it will work the same way for you, although it might!  I don’t think any of them will kill you, although they say that Latuda has the potential for an awesome deadly rash.  Bad-ass!

Lithium: Seemed to work as a mood stabilizer.  Side effects:  One minor side effect was that I HAD TO PEE A MINIMUM OF FIVE TIMES A NIGHT!!!!  Dr. Drugs considered this to be a negligible side effect.

Clozaril: Worked as a mood stabilizer in that it kept me glued to the couch watching tv.  No motivation to get up, get out, go see the world, and certainly I couldn’t work up enough motivation to kill myself.  Side effects:  Pot-like munchies, causing me to gain THIRTY POUNDS.  Dr. Drugs considered this to be an acceptable side effect.  When I told him that my PCP was concerned that I may become diabetic, he replied “Then we treat the diabetes.”  Not cool, Dr. Drugs, NOT COOL!!

Lamictal: Stabilized me to a point that I was completely flat.  No affect whatsoever.  Couldn’t think of a thing to say, do or be.  Side effects:  See above

Abilify:  This is my current drug.  I’ve always hated Abilify because of their stupid fucking cartooney commercials.  BUT!  This shit is working.  I’m stabilized, and I have a personality.  My long-lost creativity has come back, after two years of hiding from me.  I think Dr. Drugs took it and put it in a box somewhere.  Side effects:  It is possible to have herky-jerky involuntary muscle movements.  So far I have punched myself in the face only once.

What’s the commonality among all of these drugs? None of them give you diarrhea.  This is a good thing people.  They will not send you hurtling towards the ceiling, the noxious stuff shooting out of your butt.  Oh how I wish I could say the same for this cocktail of antibiotics that I am on for the Oh Glory H. Pylori!  My head is now flat on top.  And I hurt.  HURT!  In the nether regions.

Ok now…it’s your turn! What’s working for you?  Let’s get this mofo cookin’ with some good, current info on what works for us Bipolars, YEAH BABY!  Peach out, homies!!!

Bipolar Medication Cocktails (With A Side of ECT)

I find it helpful to read what drugs are working for my fellow Bipolars. One of my most popular tags is “Best Bipolar Medications” so I know it’s something that other people are searching out too. I thought I’d give an update on what’s working for me, especially since I’ve come back from the very brink, in that I was very, very seriously suicidal at the end of January and I’ve managed to make my way back to the point that I actually have some hope for the future (amazing even to me).

When I was hospitalized in January, the psychiatrist and medical director at the hospital got out what he calls his “big guns” and put me on Clozaril 100 mg and unilateral ECT. Although this has been effective, I don’t recommend it unless you are profoundly desperate, as the Clozaril will cause weight gain due to marijuana-like munchies. In addition, I am on Topiramate 50 mg (to try and give me some impulse control over the munchies), Bupropion XL 450 mg for depression, and Clonazepam .5 mg for sleep. The Clonazepam is a recent addition, as my sleep was quite disturbed and my psychiatrist was worried that I would cycle back into depression. I took it for the first time last night and I was happily zonked.

So people, what’s working for you? Please share in the comments. Let’s help each other!

Best Bipolar Medications

Who are the best people to write about the best Bipolar medication cocktails?  Why we are of course, the consuming public!  I find that we write about this a lot, and share each other’s strength and hope about what works, what doesn’t work, what might work, what only works on Tuesdays, and so forth.  It has been a revelation for me to go to this new psychiatrist and find out that something that I’ve been on for about TEN YEARS is sabotaging my well being, and that is WELLBUTRIN.  According to my esteemed colleague, Dr. Drugs (not necessarily the most awesome name for him but it’s catchy!), Wellbutrin causes Bipolar people to cycle which is the very thing we are trying NOT to do!  So, we are slowly ramping up the Lamictal, which is both a mood stabilizer and a mood elevator (I’ll take the fifth floor thank you), and then we will phase out the damned Wellbutrin.

I am also on Topamax which is an absolute wonder drug for me when it comes to impulse control and taming the addictions.  I struggled mightily with my finances, shoplifting, smoking a pack and a half a day, and getting drunk daily before taking Topamax.  Since starting Topamax I have been able to do finances pretty much like a grownup, stopped shoplifting, smoke three cigarettes per day, and drink very little (except when I’m stressed, then I can still pour the alcohol down my throat on occasion).  Topamax has been considered a wonder drug for treatment of alcoholism and gambling addiction.

If you have experience with something working remarkably well, or remarkably HELL for you, please share in the comments.  Of course, I want to hear about that bastard Abilify too.   Haha those commercials get my goat.  But you already know that.  Yeah, get your own goat!  Thank you for playing.