From Assholes to Bald Eagles

This blog is called Bipolar On Fire so you’d think it’d be about being Bipolar, and sometimes it is, but sometimes I go off on wild tangents. Because I’m weird like that.  My consistently most popular post is called Demi Lovato Naked . . . Yet She Has No Asshole!  Yep if you Google “Demi Lovato Asshole” (and apparently lots of people do), my blog post comes right up!  I’m so proud!  Maybe I should show it to my Mom.  Another post that is just as stellar is called On My Way To The Kardashian Ass Factory.  I bet you can guess what that’s about.  It’s just that asses, and assholes, really seem to rule popular culture these days!  And for some reason, I am consumed by popular culture.  I spend at least a part of every day reading celebrity gossip, which is mostly about the Kardashians, and/or rappers I’ve never heard of getting arrested.  It’s so uplifting!  Garbage in, garbage out.  Today I spent at least half an hour reading about Prairie Dogs:  A Keystone Species in my neighborhood newsletter.  Sorry there’s no link, ya gotta  be a neighborhood member to read it.  Apparently there’s lots of controversy in Boulder about prairie dogs and people were getting Trump vs. The Rest Of The World militant about whether or not a prairie dog is a rodent (because it’s ok to just kill rodents instead of relocating them).  THAT is how starved for entertainment I am.  All I know is that I see bald eagles perching on the high power poles over prairie dog colonies, and they’re not there looking at the view.  This is their next meal they’re stalking.  So YAY for prairie dogs!  Because I love seeing bald eagles!  True, I almost crash my car driving past, ogling the eagles, but some wild swerving is a small price to pay.  Ya see what I mean about wild tangents??  Assholes to prairie dogs to bald eagles.  If you made it this far, I say THANK YOU for coming along for the ride.  Enjoy your weekend, oh blogosphere!  BPOF says peach OUT!