Happy Thanksgiving!! (The World’s Most Original Title)

I was just thinking, if my blog name wasn’t Bipolaronfire, I think I’d like it to be VaJayJay. It has such a nice ring to it!! I know, totally random but there you go. This is a stream of consciousness blog, for better or for worse, mostly for worse.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, Americans! Or should I say Merry Christmas? Because that shit is EVERYWHERE!!! Man I went to Target yesterday and there was about SIX HUNDRED aisles of Christmas shit!! Wow!! Gotta get that money!

Oh, oh, I bought a pair of jeans! That FIT! I don’t have this great big muffin-top from the waist being too tight. SO EXCITING!! It’s the little things . . . I needed a decent pair of jeans (black) to go with my black and blue Tampa Bay Lightning shirt because I’m going to the hockey game tonight with my Meetup group!! My only other option was a pair of those nylon swishy sweatpants, you know? I would have looked like a fucking BUM! These jeans look good. And I hope those players beat the SHIT out of each other!! That is the funnest part of hockey.

Well I am not too worried about Thanksgiving. I will be here with my friend who I’m staying with, her boyfriend and her son. Friend is going to make the traditional Thanksgiving shit. I plan on stuffing myself to the verge of vomiting, and then falling asleep. Happy Thanksgiving!!