Kickin’ It Up A Notch

Hey there. Bipolaronfire, Florida Edition here. I gotta tell you, I pulled off a masterful manipulation with Dr. BigHeart at my last ECT appointment. I got him to prescribe me a stimulant (angels singing). Because I have no “Get Up And Go” in the mornings. It’s like I never quite sleep off the Clozaril/Clonazepam/Progesterone BAM BAM BAM that I do at night. So I convinced Dr. BigHeart that I needed a little kick in the morning. He prescribed Vyvanse 30 mg. Today is my first day of taking it. So far, I am still in the bed. I got up (ok woke up, I haven’t gotten up) two and a half hours ago. I still have hope that I will float off this bed and start exercising in the Florida sunshine. Actually, it’s a requirement that I’ve given myself. I WILL go to the beach today and I WILL walk and I WILL ride my roomie’s bike to the beach (it’s a killer ride) Not in that order but you get the gist, right?. I’m setting a deadline of Noon to get going, I have to go to the store to buy a bike lock and a hat to protect my poor scalp from burning. Then, off to the races! I’ll let you know how it goes. How is your November 6th going? Peaches!